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Slap happy.

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Guilty – I admit it at the outset. I have a visceral need to be part of Something – Something New and Big. How that fits in with my other need to be invisible remains to be reconciled, but there … Continue reading

Puerto Rico, seen from beneath a perfect hat.

Mike finagled us a trip to Puerto Rico by speaking about insect mating disruption at a conference there. That subject deserves its own post because it’s really, really interesting. No kidding. Really.

Here are my impressions of Puerto Rico, before the pictures that paint a thousand words:

  1. The most important article of clothing turned out to be my hat, since the climate promptly styled my hair into havoc. (The hat is going to get its own post, too.)
  2. I took nice clothes in case we ate at a nice restaurant. We did eat at a nice restaurant, and I wore a tee shirt with a skull on it, and my hat.
  3. We didn’t see any surfers at Rincon, which is rumored to be a well known surfer’s paradise. The disappointment of not seeing them was mitigated by finding a heart-shaped rock on the beach.
  4.  This was my first experience of texting photos to my friends and receiving their immediate replies. Sweet. It was almost like having them there with me.
  5. It rains in the rain forest. Copiously.
  6. The most used accessory on a car in San Juan is the horn. However, we saw very few speeding drivers outside the city. In fact, we nearly crashed into a couple vehicles on the toll road going at least 20 mph under the speed limit. Then, there was that episode of bob & weave with the pickup truck overloaded with fruit. Death by banana is not my method of choice.
  7. Puerto Ricans are a people who will meet your eyes; there’s no stiff avoidance. They give you a thorough looking over. 
  8. I knew intrinsically that there would be no need for me to go inside the Lo Coquette Lingerie and Booty Shop. There would be nothing inside there to fit my booty. There will be another post addressing that issue; it will involve the hat.
  9. I now understand about the blue color of ocean water. Amazing.
  10. Based solely on how many food vendors line the roads outside San Juan, I don’t know how there can be a) any live chickens remaining since they’re all on grills and spits and b) why anybody would cook at home.
  11. I will not get on another airplane without some sort of earphones and music. I’m sure the gentleman from Tennessee was a lovely man, but I don’t sleep with my husband when he snores, and the prospect of a 4-hour flight beside a stranger thus engaged was dismal indeed. The flight attendant has my gratitude for re-seating me on a very full plane.
  12. Who’s cruel joke was it to have my return flight board beside one flying to Houston? The Queen was not amused.
  13. People will stare at someone who turns bright red from heat, though that someone is quite comfortable and unaware of her hue and is wearing a perfect hat.
  14. I respect Puerto Rico’s pride in its rum production, and sampled my share, but I’m staunchly loyal to Tito’s Vodka, made in Austin, Texas.

Now, about those photos. . .

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Kitsch in snow.

This gallery contains 32 photos.

The weather forecast for today was correct — sort of. Maybe they forgot to insert the numeral “2” after the “1 inch predicted” — when the snow exhausted itself, there was a foot on the ground. And, yeah, all this stuff … Continue reading