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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This gallery contains 21 photos.

“Weekly Photo Challenge: Green.” (Brought to you by your friendly blog host, WordPress) By my Royal Decree (and unofficial sanction of my loyal subjects) I bestow upon you: MAD QUEEN GREEN: Advertisements

Weekly photo challenge: Big

Self explanatory.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

mine: (pronoun) that or those belonging to me

What is mine?

Nothing. No thing. No person, no advantage, no possession, no dream, no thought, no situation, no words, no relationship, no place, no purpose, no time, no life. Everything, every thing, can be gone in an instant. Nothing is mine.

When nothing is mine, everything is mine. Frightening, yet liberating.

Nothing is mine and everything is mine. They are the same.

Weekly photo challenge: Near and far

WordPress’ current weekly photo challenge is titled “Near and Far.” Sometimes, the two are the same.


Near and far

Weekly photo challenge: Free Spirit

I want to go to the blue sky

to lay upon the clouds.

To fall, endlessly.

Through time

Through blue

Through the earth

And on and on and on.


Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE!!

The difficulty of this challenge is — which purple? I try to have as much as possible.

We recently painted the entire interior of our house peach (or “circus peanut,” as I prefer to think of it). But as the famous local dead guy says, “I cannot live without books,” I cannot live without purple, so I painted these three separate blobs on the dining room wall, beneath some terribly serious paintings.  (And yes, the blobs are a permanent feature of the room. At least, permanent by my definition of that word.)


What would Lee and Grant say? Wait — who cares?

Thanks to Vladimir at Wind Against the Current for posting his purple picture; otherwise I might have missed a plum opportunity (aargh!) for a slam dunk project.