Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Wait, wait! I know I’m diving under the wire for this photo challenge as the volunteer crew is sweeping up the trash and folding up the finish line banner. I have a hue of me for you!

I haven’t been to Niagara Falls in about 100 years. We were traveling in Canada this past week and Mike had never seen The Falls so I decided we should go. We drove nearly two hours to get there in unexpectedly benevolent weather. Within 20 minutes of arrival, though, I wanted to leave. The commercial development around The Falls — casinos, big box hotels and restaurants, trinkets and gee gaws and steep entrance fees for nearly everything — left my outdoor spirit slashed and bloodied. What a mess man had made of this earthly wonder! We’d driven too far to just bail, though, so we decided to walk past Horseshoe Falls along the river.

The roar of the water was diminishing behind us when a Japanese tourist sat on the handrail beside the water and with an impish grin, raised both arms in the victory “V”. We laughed as her husband photographed her, and she laughed with us. We looked back after they left, and saw what was captured in their photo:

Horseshoe Falls rainbow

Horseshoe Falls rainbow

This rainbow, the hue of happiness, diving into Horseshoe Falls was a balm for my disappointed heart.

In case you haven’t seen The Falls, here are a couple photos for perspective:




8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

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  2. Wow, you captured that rainbow all right! Beautiful shot!

  3. THanks Linda. I love your updates! P.S. I don’t have FB anymore so we will definitely have to stay connected this way.

  4. Speaking of a hundred years (and more), I recently watched reruns of a television series about America’s national parks. The series mentioned that the heavy commercialization of Niagara Falls in the 1800s prompted people to work at setting aside other natural wonders before they, too, got commercialized.

    • I’ve watched that series. The National Parks are becoming a central part of my life. I kept hearing how much better the Canadian side of Niagara was, but wildness tamed into commercial domestication doesn’t translate to better. I can only imagine what that area would look like without the development surrounding it.

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