Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Patterns are everywhere, aren’t they?

I was tramping through Valley Forge National Historical Park, and this pattern stood out atop the green field that covers that land’s tragic history:

Neatly aligned artillery

Neatly aligned artillery


Through the spokes.

Through the spokes.

Then, after dashing into a soldiers’ hut to wait out a rainstorm’s artillery barrage of the park, I looked up at the ceiling to see another pattern:

Astonishingly symmetrical wasps' nests.

Astonishingly symmetrical wasps’ nests.

These are paper wasp nests, probably last year’s models, constructed by wasp queens. Since there was no activity, I must have been the only queen in the hut at the time. (Phew!)




4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

  1. great finds for this challenge…

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