Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

mine: (pronoun) that or those belonging to me

What is mine?

Nothing. No thing. No person, no advantage, no possession, no dream, no thought, no situation, no words, no relationship, no place, no purpose, no time, no life. Everything, every thing, can be gone in an instant. Nothing is mine.

When nothing is mine, everything is mine. Frightening, yet liberating.

Nothing is mine and everything is mine. They are the same.


8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Oh, man, I’ve got a headache and you get all deep and zen on me. Really nice post.

  2. Impermanence describes everything…except nothing, which is permanent…wait…

  3. No, no, no… when nothing is yours, everything is mine! See how that works? Mine, mine, all mine! 🙂

    All seriousness aside, our thoughts, words and deeds are ours. But not much else!

    • Wyrd, how you make me laugh over that first statement. Does this mean you have that blasted necklace I can’t find? You may be right about thoughts; I have to mull that over. They are mine till they become something else — written or spoken or discarded. My words belong to the hearer, the reader, or the cosmos. My deeds affect everything, everywhere, forever, which makes them more than mine.

      • Good point! Words and deeds are yours when you perform them, but (as with your name) become for others to use as they will. To wax very serious for a moment, what I was thinking is how your words and your deeds are yours to control; one of the very few things in life we can control is our words and deeds. That makes them preciously ours.

        As for the necklace? Yeah, it’s around here somewhere I’m sure. But buried under that pile of everyone else’s stuff that’s mine, mine, mine!


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