Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE!!

The difficulty of this challenge is — which purple? I try to have as much as possible.

We recently painted the entire interior of our house peach (or “circus peanut,” as I prefer to think of it). But as the famous local dead guy says, “I cannot live without books,” I cannot live without purple, so I painted these three separate blobs on the dining room wall, beneath some terribly serious paintings.  (And yes, the blobs are a permanent feature of the room. At least, permanent by my definition of that word.)


What would Lee and Grant say? Wait — who cares?

Thanks to Vladimir at Wind Against the Current for posting his purple picture; otherwise I might have missed a plum opportunity (aargh!) for a slam dunk project.


15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE!!

  1. I like the left one. The middle is okay too. But the one on the right screams tween and pink feather boas.

  2. So happy to hear from you after your Powerless Post! Was worried about you! I’m with you…I love purple! Holly

  3. I like the one on the far right ’cause the frame around the picture it’s under is going to disappear with the other colors. I did something like this in my kitchen: painted nine (indecisive much?) different patches and had my Thanksgiving guests vote. I painted it the winning color ’cause it didn’t matter to me which color. I liked them all!

  4. Do I detect a certain lack of particular affection for the pictures? I like the deep purple on the left, without reference to how these particular pictures will look on them, because if the room color is marvelous, you can MAKE art that looks marvelous in the room. Or perhaps an ephemeral art form would be appropriate in contrast to powerful purple. Chalk, anyone?

    • Shelly, we have so much artwork there’s a goat cart in the living room full of what won’t fit on the walls. Much of it is military art, and in this much smaller house it began to be overwhelming. Aside for being very fond of purple (it is a royal color, after all), the blotches are definitely a statement of “Lighten up already!”

      • Ah. Well, if you really want to lighten up, go for the lavender end of the spectrum. There is something to the literal interpretation when it comes to colors to contrast w/ “circus peanut.” 🙂

  5. HA! Ah, the famous dead guy. So omnipresent and so infuriating.I love the caption to your purple swatch picture. It made me snort.

  6. I would go for the middle color and paint one wall at a time to make sure I liked it.

  7. Well if you decide to go circus purple from peanut, my vote is with the middle blob. I like the warmth of that purple, especially for a dining room. I think the darker version on the left would be better suited for accents, and the lighter is a little too pink. That’s my 3 cents & I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

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