I’m chalking to you!

I chose to see Larry Flynt at the Virginia Film Festival last year. I picked him because he was the most controversial person appearing, and seeing him forced me to step outside my own boundaries. I came away significantly changed. The man in the golden wheelchair was not the obscenity-spewing, unwashed, leering degenerate I expected, but an articulate, intelligent businessman who had forced the U.S. Supreme Court to recognize his first amendment rights. This smut peddler helped me better understand our laws without requiring me to change my opinion of his business or lifestyle.

Some time in 2011, in an attempt to relieve my solitary confinement and connect with my unknown neighbors, I began writing chalk messages on our driveway. The first one said, “Hello, who are you?” I changed the statement frequently, either washing it off or letting the rain erase it.  I left chalk in a prominent container beside the driveway. People began answering questions, though I rarely saw them chalking. But I have begun to establish a presence in our rural neighborhood. I purposely kept 2011’s messages innocuous (photos below), but I’m ready to push the envelope farther this year. I have Larry Flynt to thank for pointing out my right to uncensored chalking.

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11 responses to “I’m chalking to you!

  1. Such a creative means of expression and communication!

  2. I love it! I’ve got a mind to zoom out to E-ville and add some spice to the water………..
    Thanks for the photos. They really bring things to life.

  3. This is fabulous! I used to do something similar with boxes I’d ship to people — writing all around with things like this. That worked great until security got tighter and more of my boxes of Christmas gifts and the like got screened. 😎

  4. Hahah, that’s so creative. What a great way to meet new people. I might try this sometime.

  5. Very creative. I wish we were neighbors, Linda! You sure do know how to have fun!

  6. These are great, Linda! Fantastic idea. What an interesting way to bring the pseudo-anonymity of the online world into the scattered rural neighborhood in your real world. COOL.

  7. Kudos! I admire anyone who intentionally steps outside their comfort zone!

    I don’t know why, but your chalk trick made me think of that old graffiti joke:

    [1st hand] I like grils!
    [2nd hand] You mean “girls”!
    [3rd hand] What about us grils?

    Maybe I’m just easily amused….

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