Not now, not ever

I will not wait till the last minute to go to the bathroom, especially if a slippery zipper is being anchored in the “up” position by a safety pin.

I will not complain about what’s free — Facebook, cloud servers, Pandora radio,  friends, family, or gifts.

I will not go viral or ballistic, nor will I jump on any bandwagons. The first seems germ-laden, the second downright dangerous, the third just an opportunity to be run over.

I will not pass up a chance to wear a conical hat. Look what it did for Harry Potter. December’s Saturnalia observation is already marked on my new calendar. Being a dunce and wearing the hat has its advantages, not the least of which is a seat near the front of the crowd.

I will not daily blog publicly. If I have nothing to say I will not burden my 25 subscribers with it. Every bit of writing advice promotes “honing the craft” by daily writing. That doesn’t mean I have to bore my long-suffering readers with every if, and, or but I can spell.

I will not hesitate to take the Magic Bus on adventures everywhere I can possibly go, with anyone who wants to come with.

I will not ignore the voices in my head. Shh, just a second. A retrospective of my life shows significant slapdowns could have been avoided if I hadn’t muzzled my own instincts. What were you saying?

I will not pass up an opportunity to toss a coin, accompanied by a wish, into a fountain. No shooting star will complete its arc without my thoughts clinging to its tail. Every dandelion will scatter before my breath and every wishbone will be accommodated.


I will never think twice about joining a celebratory parade or doing the happy dance. Not now, not ever.


4 responses to “Not now, not ever

  1. Jim and I both enjoy reading your posts–complete with those off the cuff musings and your infectious, sharp, and spot-on humor. Keep going, dear Queen. We look forward to more, you mummer!

  2. I happy dance daily in my car. I think it is a fantastic thing to do 🙂

  3. Happy dance!
    I have music that I put on specifically to do a happy dance. Especially when it’s been a while since I’ve been spontaneously inspired to do a happy dance. Cheap, effective therapy. 🙂

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