It’s gonna take an ocean. . .of calamine lotion

Calm down, it’s not me this time, but thanks for your concern. Some of you may be aware of, ahem, my sensitivity to The Plant, aka poison ivy/oak/sumac/whatever. I resemble a burn victim when it’s full blown, and the infestation lasts weeks, complete with phantom itching six weeks out. (You’re lucky, no photos on this post.) People offer me the cheery little “three leaves, leave it be” phrase, and I know they’re just trying to be helpful, but — they’re not. I just want to scratch down to the bone.

This little blog gem landed in my inbox today, and I felt an instant kinship with Dr. Moser. I want to have a beer with him, maybe two or three, and not a light beer either. I want it to be something like He’brew Jewbilation or Heavy Seas Uber Ale, and I want to buy. And I want neither of us to have The Rash while we drink our beers and swap war stories.

Now, I’m new to blogging (as witnessed by the two prior drafts of this post that magically went “pouf!”), and if you can’t get to the link below by clicking on it, you can copy and paste it in your browser.

So, have a happy 4th of July, drink an American brew, burn only on the grille, say hi to the fam, and stay out of anything green with three leaves.

The Bus is leaving now.


One response to “It’s gonna take an ocean. . .of calamine lotion

  1. Have fun up north!

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