I’ve got the answer about what a bear does in the woods

After walking a “fairly easy” trail in Shenandoah NP today with Mike, I thought this post would be general griping about who rates the trails,  but there was a slight diversion from that.

We were almost (literally) out of the woods after struggling straight up and down and over the rocks of the “fairly easy” trail, and had just moseyed past the bear poop on the trail. And Mike says, “There’s a bear!”  Noooooo kiddin’. And not just any old black bear, but a black bear with 2 cubs. They shimmied their little butts up the nearest tree and mom plunked down at the bottom and gave us the eye. . .

 I had my pathetic pepper spray in hand. I blew a sharp blast on a whistle and she didn’t even twitch an ear. Being the good citi-fied people we still are, we hastily retreated down the trail and spent the next 20 minutes waiting for her to go away. Finally we crept forward together, and the cubs chose that moment to firepole back to earth. Mom had disappeared. Jiminy! The cubs crashed away through the underbrush and we got ourselves out of the trees altogether.

My little phone camera couldn’t get the action, so Mike re-enacted it with props at home.

Mike & the bear


2 responses to “I’ve got the answer about what a bear does in the woods

  1. Be careful!! Love the re-enactment! I’m so glad you got The Magic Bus Stop constructed! What a great name….whoever thought of it was mighty clever 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what else rolls out of your brain! Happy blogging!

  2. Ask Mike about the bear and the cemetary in Gettysburg during a family vacation. After strolling off on his own, he comes crashing over a hill by our motel stating there was a bear chasing him. Do you see a pattern here?

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